Simple hacks for ridding your mattress of body odor and sweat

It needs to be remembered that every individual sweats when asleep. This sweating occurs even if you happen to sleep in a room that is ventilated properly. This is because of the heat that generates as a result of contact between the body and the mattress. The amount of sweat that goes into a mattress will differ from person to person. Individuals who are hot sleepers will end up sweating more, while others may sweat lesser. Here is all that you need to know about getting rid of the sweat and body odor that will enter a mattress during sleep, as shared by experts from the top Mattress Firm Glendale.

Stale body odor in mattresses

Over a period of time, the sweat that seeps into a mattress will result in stale body odor. This needs to be removed to ensure that the mattress does not make you uncomfortable. While there are specialist cleaning services that offer to clean mattresses, it is actually a very simple task that you can achieve without any special assistance. All that you need is a good vacuum cleaner and baking soda. The baking soda needs to be sprinkled on the mattress after removal of the bedsheet and pillows. The baking soda will soak up the stale odor from the mattress. Leave the baking soda on the mattress for a short period of time, following which you can use the vacuum to suck out all the baking soda.

Yellowing stains on the mattress

Certain stains turn yellow over a period of time and this will make the mattress appear old and until. It is, therefore, necessary to remove the stains at the earliest and ensure that the mattress looks clean. Removing the stains is simple and does not require any special solution or effort. In the cabinets of most houses, hydrogen peroxide is stocked. Experts from the top Mattress Firm Glendale state a little hydrogen peroxide is all that is required to remove the possibility of stains after a liquid spill. Dab hydrogen peroxide after diluting it on the mattress. Allow it to dry properly and you will find that the stains are no longer visible.

Drying a mattress after it has been cleaned is of utmost importance. This needs to be carried out with great care. If the mattress is still damp then its shape is likely to get deformed and its cushioning effect will get compromised.