Stockholm – The City with Lots of Attractions

The city has a lot of attractions that tourists from all over the world can enjoy and relish. Although summer is the best time to pay a visit, winters are also relishing as Christmas is celebrated at that time of the year.

Free walking tour Stockholm is a convenient option to explore the city without being lost.

  • If you are in love with shopping, then this place is a must visit. Stockholm is considered the shopping capital of the north with a lot of modern Scandinavian designs.
  • There are several museums in Stockholm that are worth a visit. One such museum is the ABBA museum as fans fall in love with the newly built museum and receive lots of visitors every year.
  • One of the winter attractions in Stockholm is the ice skating which is free at Kungstradgarden park. It is a popular activity in winter months and also a favorite pastime for locals and tourists.
  • The nightlife of Stockholm quite appreciates as it offers a great taste for music. You will find lots of bars, and if you are a party popper, this is the best place.

We have spoken about various attractions of the city that should be on your list when you visit Stockholm.