Manners to Consider While Riding Mountain Bike

It is essential to consider your safety as well as other riders while riding a mountain bike. As there are fewer open spaces near cities, it is often overcrowded with mountain bikers and other users.

Therefore, it is important that you abide by the rules and ethics to enjoy a recreational outing.

Be courteous and considerate

  • While riding mountain bikes under 300, always be courteous and considerate towards other trail users. It should not create a bad name for mountain bikers.
  • Everyone should be able to enjoy the ride, therefore, avoid massive usage of the trails in order to let other bikers use them.

Approach from behind

  • As horses and walkers move slowly than a mountain bike, you should approach them from behind to prevent an accident.
  • Always let people know that you are about to pass and thank them as you go by; it is a way of showing good gesture.

Control your speed

  • You should never enter blind corners at a speed as you will have no idea what is around the corner and can face a head-on collision.
  • Never ride with high speed on busy trail as you might encounter the unexpected appearance of children and dogs from the trail, it is better to expect the unexpected.


  • You can always work as a volunteer to maintain the trail and repair the damage caused by constant usage.
  • Be proactive as by doing this you can contribute towards everyone’s enjoyment.