Creating an augmented reality application requires the right development tools or in technical terms; the right SDK or software development kit. As augmented reality is slowly making its foray into our lives and ingeniously integrating virtual reality with real-world environments; software development kits play a significant role in facilitating the popularity of augmented reality. SDK Features You Need to Know About Crafting the perfect augmented reality experience has become largely possible owing to the many amazing features of software development kits for augmented reality applications. These features serve to seamless add digital features into one’s real-world perception. The augmented experience is the perfect mixed-reality experience owing to features such as light estimation that takes into consideration real-time natural or artificial lighting to enhance augmented reality imagery. Also, motion tracking that calculates the correlation of your mobile device’s position to the surrounding environment to create lifelike imagery and even enhanced environmental understanding that ensures that augmented imagery perfectly integrates with the surrounding environment. SDK Options for Different Applications For those looking to develop augmented reality applications; there are multiple SDK options to choose from. Starter kits can help those that are new to augmented reality development while specialized kits are available for professionals in this field. Prices for these kits vary, but you will find that the features of any AR SDK are often well-suited to its price tag. These kits are perfect for creating AR apps for iOS/Android devices, and AR developers also have the option of availing of trial kits.