A fireplace is a necessity in every home particularly during the winter days. There exist a number of options for fireplace designs and all have their own pros and cons. Nowadays, designer fireplace is also gaining popularity that can perfectly blend with the set up and décor of the house where it will be installed. Some of the most common types of fireplaces used are as follows:
  1. Traditional wood burning
You can see such fireplace in most of the old houses. It can be easily designed as per the set up of the house and people enjoy the smell and sound of wood fire. However, such fireplace needs suitable chimney to exhaust the smoke.
  1. Gas burning
By using natural gas too, it is possible to design the fireplace and it is available in both vented or unvented versions. Vented fireplaces will be a much safer option and it can draw outside air and burn. The flame and gases are exhausted outside. Unvented are quite efficient. This type of fireplace does not need too much maintenance and neither it produces any ash. However, the fuel cost may be little high.
  1. Electric
Most cost effective and available in many different styles so that you can match with your décor. It is much easier to use and there is no need of chimney as ash is produced. No fumes and gases are produced. However, if you are living in area where there is a power shortage or occasional power failure, it may not be a suitable option. Nowadays many new kinds of fireplaces are introduced in the market by using the latest technology which can also be explored for your home. If you Are Looking For the Best designer fireplace, Please Check customfireplacedesign