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The Mystery Behind 1300 Number Unmasked

While setting up a new business in Sydney, many experts will advise you to get a 1300 number for your fax and phone, but you must be wondering why 1300 numbers Sydney? To help you understand it, here are the two most important questions that are answered for your convenience. What is a 1300 number after all? A 1300 number is nothing but a virtual number which is not tied with any particular phone like your mobile and landline numbers. But, you route the 1300 number to some answer points at which you want it to ring, including fax machines, mobile phones, call answering services and landlines. You can choose more than one answering points for a single number, for instance, if you want a different number to ring outside for normal business hours, or if you want it to go through an answering machine when your line is not answered or if it is busy. (more…)

How To Compare The 1300 Number Plans

After when you decide to get a 1300 number for your business, the next thing to do is deciding about the plan and carrier that is right for you. 1300 numbers cost is something you need to consider before buying something. The problem is that there are a lot of plans for 1300 numbers, it can be confusing to compare each one of them. There are three important components you need to keep in mind Charge for a monthly plan Call rates Number of free minutes The plant that suits you will depend on where the majority of your calls come from and the total time of the call, whether the calls are landline to landline, local etc. The most important thing to look for here is the number of free minutes. Carriers will normally offer around 0 to 20 minutes free talk for such calls. If your average call lasts for fifteen minutes, it is cost-effective to buy the plan with talk time of 20 minutes for free. Choosing the one with 20 minutes of free talk time is the best option instead of choosing a cheaper monthly plan which charges you for the call after only five minutes. For example, let us compare for a business that gets around 40 calls every month (2 calls a day), at fifteen minutes for each call: Plan A: $20 a month, 20 minutes free talk time for a landline to landline local call, 4.5 for an additional minute. All call will come under the free talk time, so the total cost for an entire month would be $20. (more…)