Steering wheels are one of the most important parts of all land vehicles including heavy and light trucks. The steering system is the part which a driver manipulates according to his ease and choice. The steering wheels are made up of different materials which include leather, wood, polyurethane, etc. Wood can give your car that classic vintage looks that you may have always wanted. It will change the overall look of the interior of your car and give a pleasing and appealing finish. Therefore, if you want classic steering wheels, wood can be a perfect choice. Secondly, you can consider a steering wheel made up of leather. It is quite popular material and will give a sleek finish to your steering. You will also feel comfortable to use and have an easy grip. If you maintain proper preservation, it will last for a long period. Then came the polyurethane steering wheels to the market. This type of materials can be seen in convertible cars as they are easy to clean and durable. Each of these set of materials has its set of advantages and disadvantages. It is totally up to you, which quality you prefer for your car. However, make sure that the steering wheel best matches with your overall vehicle’s interior. The vintage classic look is something everyone opts for, and therefore you can give your steering wheels a classic look. Simply choose a classic steering wheel which matches your car’s design and overall finish.