Your Naples pool pump is the heart of your swimming pool, the component that keeps everything else running smoothly by forcing water to flow through the filter. If your pool pump is having issues, it’s important to tackle the repairs quickly or prepare for a full pump replacement. If you’re not sure how to recognize a failing pool pump, these tips will help to guide you.

Your Pump Isn’t Pulling Water

Since your pool pump pulls water through the filter by creating pressure, it will be relatively simple to notice if it isn’t pulling water anymore. It’s possible that you will have a simple solution, like just clearing the skimmer, pump basket, and pool filter to ensure water flow isn’t restricted. If all of those components look good but the problem persists, inspect the pump impeller. You can find the impeller in the pump connected to the motor that moves the water. Sometimes the impeller becomes clogged, which prevents the pump from pulling water, so if this is the case just clear it off. If none of these troubleshooting efforts succeed, you may be facing a more serious issue like an air leak in the suction line. At that point, it’s time to call your pool maintenance company.

You Notice a Water Leak

Like with anything that handles water, a water leak is a bad sign! There are a few different problems that might lead to a water leak, like a broken impeller housing oring, a bad shaft seal, or inefficient thread sealant. You can try to take it apart and replace all the seals yourself, or you can call your pool service naples company to take the stress off of your shoulders.

Strange Noises

When you hear strange noises coming from your car, you know to become concerned, and the same rule applies for your pool pump. Loud screeching and grinding, humming, and pops and clicking are all signs that you have a problem. Don’t wait: call a professional to diagnose the problem.